globe surrounded by security threat buzz wordsMaryland based and Cyber security focused, PENT is committed to solving our clients’ mission challenges.  

PENT professionals are passionate about three things:

  • Removing barriers to small business success
  • Building long term business relationships
  • Creating jobs for veterans, the disabled and their caregivers.


PENT’s focus is providing specialized assistance in four primary market areas:

Information Technology

JV PASKA ENTERPRISES, LLC (PENT) is committed to providing usable, secure and common sense IT services and solutions that enable our customers to focus on their mission and success rather than on the technology they use.  Technology should enable business, not overwhelm it.   PENT Core IT Competencies include:

  • Enterprise Network Infrastructure and Server Management
  • Cyber Security and Defense
  • Enterprise Architecture Planning and Life-cycle Management
  • Systems Engineering and IT Life-Cycle Planning
  • Information Assurance Assessment and Implementation
  • Proof of Concept Development/Product Development/Implementation
  • Help Desk Support
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Transportation, Base Operations, Logistics and Transportation Support

The goal of JV PASKA ENTERPRISES, LLC (PENT) is to strengthen logistics systems as a strategic resource, by bridging functional / technical boundaries, increasing compatibility and interoperability, enhancing operational support, and providing affordable and responsive solutions to our client’s logistics initiatives. PENT professionals can help firms meet required USG compliance.

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Professional Consulting Services 

With over 50 years experience assisting our clients in the commercial, Federal, state and local sectors in solving their IT, cyber security and logistics challenges. PENT professionals have worked with the US Air Force, the other Armed Services and over thirty additional USG organizations , both civil and military, supporting PMO’s and their support contractors. Our staff mastered their craft working for large Lead Systems Integrators before taking leadership roles in small firms. PENT professionals tailored the best practices of the large firms, inserting the flexibility and scalability of small business into effective, affordable process teams.

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International Business

Does your firm seek overseas markets for your technology?  Do you know what ITAR means?  DCS?  FMS?  What gets approved by the Department of Commerce?  By the Department of State?? Do you wish to bring your overseas technology to US Government clients?  PENT professionals have been helping firms take their US technology overseas for over 20 years.  We have been helping overseas firms bring technology into the US for 15 years.  PENT supports technology insertion and transfer.

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In Summary:

PENT  brings domestic and international expertise to small business in an affordable shared risk environment. Our team leverages relationships, placement, and talent on behalf of our clients resulting in compressed lead times for business development, and business consulting tasks.


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